Graduate Projects

Distance Perception in Virtual Environments
Virtual Environments Group, Clemson University, Spring-Summer 2011

I assisted and co-authored an experiment investigating the difference in near-field distance estimation in a real world (RW) environment and an immersive virtual environment (IVE). This work was published in ACM's TAP journal from being one of the top 5 papers at APGV 2011. I also presented this work at APGV 2011 in Toulouse, France.

AR Concentration
Virtual Reality Systems Class, Clemson University, Fall 2010

I created an augmented reality (AR) game of concentration using OpenSceneGraph (OSG), OsgART and C++ for my VR systems class.

Undergraduate Projects

Card Town
Databases Class, Bemidji State University, Fall 2009

Card Town was my first experience building a website. It was designed to be a database/deck builder for Magic: The Gathering cards. It was created using PHP/MySQL on the backend and HTML/jQuery on the frontend.

Computer Vision Research
Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU), University of Central Florida, Summer 2009

I worked with a graduate student mentor to create an algorithm for a novel handheld device that used four off-the-shelf webcams in a cross formation to assist in gesture recognition.

COMAP Math Modeling Contest
Bemidji State University, February 2009

In February of 2009, I worked with a team of 2 other people to model wasted energy from cell phones. Our paper submission achieved "meritorious" status, putting us in the top 18% of 1800+ participants.

IpTV/Home Networking Research
University of Missouri-Columbia, Summer 2008

In the Summer of 2008, I worked with a team in creating a modification for VLC that would allow seamlessly switching bitrates and resolutions between client and server.

Space Hunter, Attack and Zap Alien Masses, Fall 2008

Implemented using C++ and OpenGL/GLUT. This was a project for my computer graphics class in Fall 2008. Check out the README file that describes the game.

The video is best viewed at 1080p and fullscreen.

Adventure for the Golden Beaver, Spring 2007

This is an adventure game I created for my computer science II class that uses simple ASCII graphics.

The objective is to find the janitor headquarters, recover the golden beaver statue and return it to the president. Good luck!

Side Projects

Face Defender
My First Flash Game, Summer 2010

I decided to dabble in the Flash world for one of my sides projects. Thus, Face Defender was born using Flixel V2.0 and actionscript. You can play the game at Kongregate.

Project Management Software, Summer 2010

I helped Dynamictivity develop various aspects of Kinspir. Kinspir uses CakePHP/MySQL and git for version control.

Happy Polack
Joke Social Network, Fall 2009

I created a simple joke website for my parents. It is built on top of CakePHP and using a Facebook Authentication plugin I built.